Artists in Residence

PRG believes in supporting artists through as many means possible – exhibitions, programs, publications, and space to actually make the work.  Since 2017 PRG has been providing a dedicated residency program for artists and writers, with allocated workspace for creatives.  This residency comes with a stipend and opportunities to show what has been produced during the residency, through an exhibit, publication or a program.  The studio is located on the fourth floor of   (EN), in the historic Hahnes Department Store Building in downtown Newark, New Jersey.  EN is a center for socially engaged art and design in which people can create art together, learn collaboratively, and build coalitions to advocate for change.

Andrea haenggi: 2024

Born in a Swiss farming village and residing half of their life in Lenapehoking/Brooklyn, andrea haenggi (she/they) is a body-based transdisciplinary artist who cultivates a research-based “ethnochoreobotanic” practice. Rooted in co-creating dance with the land-sea, plant life, and more-than-human kin, their work seeks to foster multispecies communities in the present and shape questions around decolonization, climate change, feminism, liberation, and care.

John Gavin White: 2023

John Gavin White is a poet and essayist whose writings combine philosophy, narrative, lyric, and metaphor to explore the historical erasure of black male vulnerability against the backdrop of oppression.

Jill Sigman: 2023

Jill Sigman is a Brooklyn-born interdisciplinary artist and agent of change whose work exists at the intersection of dance, visual art, and social practice. ”, Sigman helps us to re-imagine our relationships with the natural world and each other in meaningful and empathic ways.

Eleven Muldrow: 2023

Eleven Muldrow received her BFA from Cooper Union in NYC, and graduated from Arts High School in Newark NJ. She has studied with Birth Right to Africa and most recently received the Antenna Grant and the Creative Catalyst fund. She is the founder of SpiritLikeWind, a spiritual artist collective, and has been organizing events and healing spaces for the last six years.

Kay Reese: 2021

Kay Reese is an award winning visual artist, photographer and curator. She exhibits throughout the greater Tri-State area, and nationally. Her art practice entails the creation of assemblage and photo-based collage prints that reflect her views on contemporary society. She resides in New Jersey.

Medium shot of a young black man against a grey backdrop

Khari Johnson-Ricks: 2020

Johnson-Ricks is a visual artist and DJ whose work spans a range of audiovisual media and often exist in the public eye, in formats including the production of ‘zines, works on paper, performances, murals, and nightlife spaces.

Black and white medium shot of an Asian woman wearing a floral shirt and head wrap.

kate-hers RHEE: 2020

kate-hers RHEE is an interdisciplinary artist, arts educator, cultural worker, and community activist. She is currently working in Newark and New York; Berlin, Germany; and South Korea.

Black and white medium shot of a black man smiling and wearing a plaid shirt.

German Pitre: 2019

Of his practice, Pitre states that his “intention is to overwhelm the viewer. The experience may make the person uneasy as they try to find the words to best express what that they’re feeling.”

Genesis Tramaine: 2018

Genesis Tramaine is a highly motivated, self-identified Black- Queer- Female- Bodied Urban Expressionist and Educator with a passion for creative justice through the arts’ in urban communities.

A smiling black man stands in front of works of art.

Ceaphas Stubbs: 2017

In his work, Ceaphas Stubbs explores black sexuality, nostalgia, and pleasure through a queer lens.

Medium shot of a white woman with long hair in a patterned shirt.

Kati Vilim: 2017

Kati Vilim works across a range of media, including oil painting, printmaking, digital animation, and multimedia installation.