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Reinventing Newark

Nov 02, 2005 - Dec 15, 2005
Vintage illustration of Downtown Newark

H.M. Pettit, Prudential Insurance Company. Drawing, courtesy of Newark Museum.


Completed buildings always represent compromises between the vision of architects and planners and the various competing interests that can see a plan to completion—or not. Unrealized plans, therefore, lend insight into the potential that underlies a city’s built environment. “Reinventing Newark” recovers some of the plans for city projects that were never realized. In doing so, it reveals hidden facets of the city’s history—ulterior expressions of change in a persisting civic imagination.

Venue Information Opening Reception
  • Date: Nov 02, 2005 - Dec 15, 2005
  • Location:Paul Robeson Campus Center
  • Curators:PRG