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City of Muses: Newark Artists and their Students

May 29, 2007 - Jul 26, 2007


Includes the work of students: Angela Acquah, Iman Ali, Justin Allen, Jasmarah Barahona, Angelina Barkoska, Kathryn Barnes, Precious Bowman, Carlos Cabrera, Markell Campbell, Alexux Cooper, Crystal Cruz, Raylam DaSilva, Andrea Desa, Lisa Dias, Walter Diaz, Camille Draughn, Jonathan Elliott, Jesenia Esteves, Nicolette Nicole Ferricole, John Fields, Rita Golden, Justin Hall, Erica Humphrey, Qyreeda Johnson, Franklyn, Juarez, Addrius Lambert, Tyron Lee, Jon Marocho, Jallisa McCombs, Jimmy McQueen, Tavon Miled, Deshawn Mitchell, Eric Oscan, Altariq Poole, Melanie Quiles, Shaniqua Rawls, Stephaniqua Rawls, Jessica Ressonico, Anthony Rivas, Tirece Rodgers, Keyla Sanders, Shakur Scantling, Shadira Slater, Tania Sousa, Matthew Vasco, Kelly Wiley, Fuquan Williams, Shaquana Wright, Kason Loyal, and Shauntez Hill.

Also includes the works of artist teachers: Sharon Ashley, Josephine Barreiro, Laura Cuevas, Dorie Dahlberg, Margaret El, Stephen Ellis, Diane Fernandez, Peter Fisher, Siobhan Hester, Aura Highsmith, Loretta Maldonado, Carol Mele, Russell Murray, Marsha Pickett, Tina Powell, Laura Salley, Fausto Sevila, Marisol Torruello, and Randy Wolfman.


This exhibition honors the special relationship between artists and students—in which the gift of seeing and thinking is passed on, like a torch of light, to a younger generation. Jurors for the exhibition are Rodriguez Calero and Nadïne LaFond. It is organized in partnership between the Paul Robeson Galleries and the Newark Public School’s Office of Visual and Performing Arts.

Fausto Sevila, War Hammer 40,000, mixed media, Courtesy of the artist.

Venue Information Opening Reception
  • Date: May 29, 2007 - Jul 26, 2007
  • Location:Paul Robeson Campus Center
  • Curators:PRG