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Virtual Art Making: Creating Personal Galaxies

Tuesday, 11/24/2020

Artwork by Janina Williams. 



This fun art project is all about engaging our thinking with identity, symbolism and collective art making. Participants are asked to design a personal “Galaxy” that represents their own world and cultural identity. Participants will be invited to produce a collaborative piece that will be published on the PRG website. Each workshop participant will have the opportunity to learn facts about other cultures and be encouraged to create a piece of art that unites us by speaking a universal language that aims to bring us closer together by bridging divides.

NOTE: Prior to this workshop participants are asked to interview a family member who can share information about symbolism, which represents ideas of “ togetherness and unity” in their culture -this can be anything that is symbolic such as poetry, songs, animals, motifs, etc. Before commencing main part of activity students will be asked to share some examples. The ‘Collective Artwork’ element of this workshop requires that participants submit photos of their finished work to PRG (staff member) to be displayed as one via the PRG website along with a brief written piece describing their process and finished artwork. RSVP required. Zoom details will be sent via email confirmation.

  • Type: Workshop
  • Time: 11/24/2020 - 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
  • Venue:Zoom

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