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Vantage Point: Mirror Mirror

Wednesday, 02/28/2018
a group portrait of 7 staff members of Rutgers gallery

The staff of the Paul Robeson Galleries


Anonda Bell: PRG Director and Chief Curator; visual artist
Caren King Choi: PRG Associate Director of Programs; visual artist, writer, illustrator
Bryant Lebron: PRG Administrative Assistant; visual artist
Jacqueline Mabey: PRG Assistant Curator; independent curator, Haligonian, secret merperson
Kristen Owens: PRG Program Assistant; fashion lecturer
Joseph G. Sabatino: PRG Head Preparator; multidisciplinary visual artist


A wine and cheese event including a tour and discussion of the exhibition Mirror Mirror, which utilizes the concept of portraiture to challenge dominant paradigms about gender, race, age, societal norms, technology, and beauty. Paul Robeson Galleries staff will speak informally from their own artistic, curatorial, and/or personal perspectives about artworks and themes in Mirror Mirror. This event is co-hosted by Bozzuto-Hahne & Co.

  • Type: Special Event
  • Time: 02/28/2018 - 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
  • Venue:Main Gallery, Express Newark
  • Duration:2 hours