COVID Relief Grants for NJ Artists

Apply Today for the NJ State Council on the Arts Individual Artist Recovery Grant

Individual Artist Recovery Grants (IAR grants) are awarded to practicing New Jersey professional artists to assist with financial recovery from the COVID-19 crisis. These grant awards are based solely upon demonstrated financial need, and awardees will be randomly selected from all eligible applications received. Artists may use IAR grant awards for basic living expenses, like housing, groceries, and bills; or to pursue work in their artistic discipline, including purchasing supplies, studying in a workshop situation, or renting studio space. Artist recovery funds may not be used for travel out of the country, study as a matriculated student in either a graduate or undergraduate program, or to purchase permanent equipment (equipment with a resale value exceeding $350 or having a life span over three years).
The Individual Artist Recovery grants will be for $5,000. 
We expect the need in the field to be extremely high, and for this program to be highly competitive.
Successful application for Unemployment and/or Pandemic Unemployment benefits are a requirement of this program, demonstrating the applicants’ financial need and history of arts-based income. 
Artists who have maintained other employment during the COVID-19 crisis (for instance, College or K-12 Teachers) and do not therefore demonstrate high financial need resulting from the loss of art-generated income are not eligible for this grant program. 
Guidelines are available in both English and Spanish.
Additional information here.