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The words, "read, make, watch, listen," in a search bar against the background of ocean waves



A Black figure with gold wings in a living room like setting bends over a table. Notably, there is a poster on the wall commemorating the lives of JFK, RFK, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Kerry James Marshall, Souvenir I, 1997. Acrylic, collage, and glitter on unstretched canvas, 108 x 157 inches.

"Blackness, art, and politics, together, form an American phenomenon so convoluted that it simultaneously demands and defies generality. There is no shortage of critical commentary on the links between these terms, but each insight seems to contradict the one that came before. For one thing, it is impossible to predicate the existence of a truly common experience of 'blackness.' But what we can observe are specific and historically constituted orders of visibility."

Raél Jero Salley writes about the work of Kerry James Marshall for the online art magazine, Momus.


An US air mail envelope.

"Much like photographs, letters capture a moment in time. They show us what the writer was thinking of, their emotions, and often what was going on in the world at that time. Handwriting is an extremely personal aspect of someone’s character and can offer a connection to the past. Imagine finding a letter from your great-great grandmother and realizing you both write your g’s the same way!"

New York Public Library celebrates the art of letter writing and shares pro tips on how to write your own.

Watch: Live

A full length photograph of an Anishinaabek woman wearing jingle boots.

"Maria Hupfield’s newly developed work titled 4 Bodies 1 Screen brings together three invited artists - T.J. Dedeaux-Norris, Ayana Evans, and Esther Neff - to join in a public platform for collaborative engagement and performance art. Working from an agreed upon score in four parts, the artists will introduce a combination of improvised, individual, and group led movement that considers the full body in relation to the screen. Characteristic of her live interdisciplinary performances, Hupfield aims to craft a visually rich and multi-sensory atmosphere for an active exchange of ideas across cultures, disciplines, and borders."

The 8th Floor hosts a performance by Maria Hupfield on Tuesday, July 21, 2020 at 5 p.m. EDT. Free, but registration is  required.

Watch: Any Time

"This solo set from Angélica Negrón - composer, performer, band member with the group Balun and National Sawdust Artist in Residence for the 2018/2019 National Sawdust season - showcases her ambient work with a set of original electronic songs with Negrón on vocals. Negrón focuses on her more esoteric and technically daunting work here, including bioelectric music through plant life and support from unique video visuals."

Enjoy this live performance from Angélica Negrón at National Sawdust


"The son of renowned art historian and photographer Deborah Willis, Thomas first rose to prominence for his early photography, which used the visual language of advertising to address systemic injustices such as the exploitation of professional athletes, the scourge of mass incarceration, and the original sin of American slavery. Years before the latest wave of activists began toppling statues of Christopher Columbus, Robert E. Lee, and other problematic figures in US history, Thomas also began questioning the validity of such monuments with his own large-scale sculptures, often creating alternatives to honor the individuals whose sacrifices have been overlooked by mainstream historical narratives."

Artnet’s The Art Angle Podcast spoke with Hank Willis Thomas about the evolution of his studio practice, artists’ importance to bringing about civic transformation, and whether you might someday see his own name on a ballot near you.