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Newark’s Art Scene in The New York Times

A group of people stand outside, in front of a mural that reads, "Newark is for Artists"

The artist Sally Helmi, far left, with the five members of the Land Collective (Alliyah Allen, Nene Aïssatou Diallo, Jillian M Rock, Chrystofer Davis and Gabe Ribeiro), in front of the 2019 mural “Newark is for Artists” by Mr. Ribeiro.  Credit: Simbarashe Cha for The New York Times.

Newark’s artists have applied their imagination to both cope with the time and seize its possibilities. Many have been documenting public and personal lives, and some have contributed their skills to activist campaigns. Their output is now coming into view in multiple forms, including exhibitions — online and getting ready for in-person reopening — as well as zines, posters, and resources such as a citywide artists’ database.

Siddhartha Mitter, The New York Times

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