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The words, "read, make, watch, listen," in a search bar against the background of ocean waves



A black woman stands behind a podium, reading from a book.

"here’s to the kids who live in us
to the kids who live and demand
we act
in the doing
here and now
awestruck and unafraid"

aja monet is a surrealist blues poet, storyteller, and organizer born and raised in Brooklyn. The youngest poet to win the legendary Nuyorican Poets Café GrandSlam poetry award title, aja monet follows in the long legacy and tradition of poets participating and assembling in social movements. Click here to read her poem, for the kids who live, on her website.


A coloring page in black and white, depicting a fairy against a swirling background

"We founded ColorATL in 2016 to bring creative stress relief to those in isolation, health crisis, rehabilitation, and marginalized communities. During this time we are striving to offer the anxiety-reducing act of creativity to as many people as possible. We believe all should have access to the stress-relieving, therapeutic benefits of creativity WHILE we celebrate our local artists."

Since 2016, ColorALT has collaborated with 87 Atlanta-based artists to provide coloring books for self-care. Click here to access four free pages. Right click the artwork in the “Coloring Pages” menu option, save, and print. If you don’t have a printer, you can simply upload on any number of coloring apps such as PicsArt or

Watch: Live

Chitra Ganesh, Architects of the Future – City Inside Her, 2014. Woodblock and Screenprint, 25 3/4 × 44 1/4 inches.

"Join curator Saisha Grayson in conversation with four contemporary artists—Chitra Ganesh, Cauleen Smith, Stacy Lynn Waddell, and Saya Woolfalk. These artists each explore personal visions of the future that redress history and expose and revoke the cultural and gendered biases of outmoded techno-narratives through their work."

This conversation takes place on Monday, June 8, 200 at 4pm EDT. The event is free, but registration required. Click here to register.

Watch: Any Time

"This work was inspired by the release of recent statistics showing the disproportionate amount of black and brown bodies being affected by the Covid-19 crisis. In this work I set out to create an imaginatively potent fever dream that aims to capture the fear of sickness, and the anxiety of quarantine as it relates to the historical trauma of black bodies being relegated to live in and within confined spaces. Being asked to self quarantine while politically quarantined presents a crisis within a crisis, leaving these communities the most exposed and vulnerable to the effects of the pandemic."

The Guggenheim Museum commissioned the creation of a new work from dancer and choreographer Jamar Roberts, as a part of their Works & Process series.


"What behaviors and choices make the difference between life and death in a disaster? What are the skills that will matter most in a crisis, and how do we learn them? Autumn interviews the brilliant founders of Queer Nature, who lead workshops and immersions teaching survival skills and natural crafts. In the first of two conversations, Queer Nature drops wisdom on how the mind and body respond to crisis, how non-human systems can be our allies, and what trauma has to do with our survival."

Autumn Brown and adrienne maree brown, two sisters who share many identities, as writers, activists, facilitators, and inheritors of multiracial diasporic lineages, as well as a particular interest in the question of survival, host the podcast, How to Survive the End of the World that delves into the practices we need as a community, to move through endings and to come out whole on the other side, whatever that might be.