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The words, "read, make, watch, listen," in a search bar against the background of ocean waves



An installation view of an exhibition, with two paintings on a wall and a third visible through a doorway

" I do think that my work is acutely aware of its responsibility to create a narrative that I thought was lacking; I wanted to contribute very humanized, vulnerable representations of the black male, and of black bodies in general. I think I needed it. I needed more representations of that in my life, as the world was completely inundated with other images and nar- ratives. I was thinking, perhaps selfishly, that painting was going to be a reprieve for me. And if it could work for me, maybe it could also work for those people who are feeling unseen in the world, as fathers and sons, and as intimate, vulnerable people trying to navigate the world just like the rest of us. And not just as black men who are being killed by police, or black men in hip hop, but black men as people who have various books by their bed, and have trinkets that are important to them, or photographs of their mothers as their most important possessions."

An interview between Jordan Casteel, artist and Assistant Professor at Rutgers University-Newark, and Massimiliano Gioni, Edlis Neeson Artistic Director of the New Museum, taken from the exhibition catalog for Jordan Casteel: Within Reach.


"As we remain distanced, with a pandemic raging and craving physical connections, it is hard to tell one day from the next, let alone understand what we’re feeling and seeing. Let’s take a cue from this week’s Artist Project: collecting and drawing data can be a powerful tool to center ourselves, deal with daily anxiety, and practice empathy and gratitude."

An artist project made by information designers Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec published in MoMA’s Magazine.

Watch: Live

"We’re hosting an internet variety show with live performances, music, and much more to honor two very special supporters of MoMA PS1. Take a break from WFH and WERK from home during this participatory cyberspace sitcom. The dress code is webcam glam, so come dressed in your wi-finest."

Watch: Any Time

"Captures of Kareem’s universe during the pandemic. A short film about the feeling of isolation, creating art in a world paused by Covid-19, and friendship."

Kareem Kalokoh’s contribution to the ENTER project, an initiative of Onassis Foundation that gives artists from all around the world 120 hours to create from home a series of new original commissions; sharing their new reality.


"In their spirited dialogue, these two leading voices of their generation grapple with what success means today for young black artists and address the radical power shift from gatekeepers to artists, the breakdown of barriers between fashion and art photography, cautionary tales of social media groupthink and overexposure, and historical artists who made the new black vanguard possible."

Photographer Tyler Mitchell and critic/curator Antwaun Sargent in conversation with Lucas Zwirner on the podcast, Dialogues.