Writer-in-Residence, Fall/Winter 2023


This 5-month residency will include a studio space in the Hahne Building (54 Halsey Street, Newark) and a public program at the end of the residency.  The writer will  have 24/7 access to the studio and also be provided a stipend in 3 installments of $400 to total of $1200. The residency will occur during FALL/WINTER 2023 (exact dates TBD).  During the residency, the writer will be expected to participate in the life of EN through hosting at least one open studio, at least one public program (for example, a reading).  The writer will be expected to be in their studio at least 20 hours per week. The writer must also be available for about 5 hours of studio visits with groups organized through the PRG education program during their residency. 


Writers applying for the residency must provide the following in the indicated file formats:

  1. Current artist CV with all contact details (PDF)
  2. An artist statement – 250 words about how and why you make art (PDF)
  3. Statement about objective – 250 words potential project or goal for residency (PDF)
  4. Up to 10 pages of creative writing, each sample saved as a separate file (PDF). File names should follow the format “1_LASTNAME_Firstname”
  5. A writing sample list with the details for the works – File number, title, date, genre (spoken word, poetry, experimental fiction, etc) (PDF)
  6. A brief explanation of the artist’s Newark connection


Please note that the following are ineligible to apply:

-Full- or part-time Rutgers staff and faculty and their immediate families. “Immediate family” is defined by the following relationships: child, parent, sibling, spouse

-Currently enrolled full-time students of any institution

-Individuals who have been enrolled at Rutgers University within the last four years

-Previous Paul Robeson Galleries Artists in Residence


Additional information about the Paul Robeson Galleries can be found here: